Joseph Lee – Author & Graphic Novelist

I’ve been fascinated with comic art for as long as I’ve been interested in all forms of hero-worship; especially the older gods. There is a great drop in creative “spiritual” literature when the monotheistic leviathans came in and replaced most of the multi-god ones. Stories just aren’t as interesting with an all-powerful, all-knowing protagonist.

When reading about the lives of Greek gods and heroes (for example) you can identify with their feelings, ambitions, and of course failings; but this is only one side as to why those stories were so compelling. Deities didn’t just exhibit human-like characteristics; through hard-work and ingenuity humans could exhibit deity-like characteristics as well. Part of the fantasy of the comic-book world is imagining yourself as the hero. It is this specific type of empathy I really want to work with in the graphic novel ‘CY’. The struggles that bring about his origin story are going to be familiar to more than a few readers, and I tried to keep this particular comic universe as close to the reality of our own so that the “bad guys” feel as real as CY does.